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Thanks for taking some time to check out my site.  My name is Jay Woytaz and since 2012 I have been building knives and pocket tools.  This is hobby for me, not my full time job.  J. Woytaz Knives is a one man show and I operate out of my garage in Perth County, Ontario, Canada.  I have no formal training or experience in machining.  Everything I have learned has been through trial and error with the occasional forum or YouTube search.


All of my designs are original.  I don't use templates or jigs.  The only work that is done outside of my shop is a local water jet service for cutting some parts and a local heat treating company the ensure that all of my blades perform right. 


My shop consists of a 2x72 belt grinder, small blast cabinet, drill press, tumbler and manual milling machine.  I also use various hand tools during the finishing process.  Everything that I make is done as either a one of a kind piece or as a part of a small batch.  My goal is to offer high quality pieces at a price that makes them available to everybody.